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◆ usb 2.0 communication interface, double isolation, with mighty antijam capability. supporting hot plug, plug and play.
◆ self-adapting to windows size.
◆ automatically analyze the 12 leads ecg, multi-parameter settings. if the amplitude is too high, it can automatically halve it.
◆ possess high accuracy electronic ruler.
◆ automatic diagnosing function.
◆ print high-resolution ecg for long-term preservation. the printed ecg conforms to the international standard of ecg system.
◆ manifold printing report patterns, arbitrarily printing 1 to 3 leads from 12 leads long-time ecg, supports printing without grids.
◆ self-contained medical records management system: quickly query, classification statistics, delete, modify, high-capacity memory, disc recording case history etc.
◆ possesses abundance diagnosis vocabulary, you can create standard diagnosis report without type any word. you can save the diagnose result and self-define printing report mod.
◆ completely compatible with pacs.
◆ it has electrocardiograph teaching system and anatomization figure, which is convenient for clinic teaching.
◆ it can send the ecg report to the internet for long-distance consultation.
◆ it supports printing reports with a4 and b5 size papers, thus convenient for doctors to archive the files.
◆ record the synchronous 12 leads ecg for 48 hours and optionally printing anytime ecg.
◆ it is resistant to defibrillation.